The range of services

Reederei Hinsch offers its customers a broad range of different shipping services.

Our services include:

  • Technical and commercial operations, support and employment, as well as management in all areas. Tankers and passenger ships are excluded
  • Staff management in shipping
  • Support for investors
  • Conception and planning for international shipbuilding
  • International build supervision, ISM/ISPS etc. This is usually effected by AHP Maritime Service GmbH & Co. KG, which is part of the Hinsch Group, but it is also possible directly by Reederei Hinsch
  • More than 20 employees on land and more than 200 worldwide on the ships
  • Multilingual office staff who speak Spanish and Portuguese in addition to German and English. Our technical staff can speak German, English and Polish.
  • Staff continually undergo advanced training with GL and VDR courses
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Ship ownership participation for high returns and tax advantages

Reederei Hinsch ship ownership participation offers investors high and predominantly tax-free dividends due to the tonnage tax. Ship ownership participation is an entrepreneurial form of investment with an enormous potential yield. This develops independently of the stock and bond markets. Thus, a solid ship ownership investment with a balanced risk profile represents a sensible and high-return alternative to traditional forms of investment. Ship ownership shares give investors the opportunity to participate in the growth market of shipping and to profit from the good future prospects of this market.

A further plus point of ship ownership participation lies in the almost tax-free receipt of dividends. The reason for this is the socalled tonnage tax (§ 5 a EstG – German Income Tax Act). It facilitates an extraordinarily low, flat-rate tax and, thus, one that is independent of the actual result. Due to the largely tax exempt status of the dividends, investors receive further payments without consideration of the saver’s tax allowance. This also makes ship ownership participation particularly interesting to investors who have already exceeded this allowance.